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Drifting Records

Ice, Concrete, Electronic Components. This installation comprises two parts, with dimensions of 0.9 m × 0.19 m × 0.14 m and 0.59 m × 0.41 m × 0.07 m. The work is recorded as a 4K resolution video with audio using digital camera in Iceland. 

Drifting Records is a site-specific sound installation, the body of the installation will be similar to a record player, only it can be used to play pancake ice – a stunning natural phenomenon: fragile circular discs with raised edges that form when water freezes as fragments of ice flow and rotate with the currents. This installation restores to an extent the sound created by the delicate collision and rotation of the pancake ice during their formation.

In the nature of things: Art is about the flux. 

Water has always held my fascination, maybe it’s because it exists in multiple states, and you can never understand it in nature as a fixed moment in time. The process of pancake ice formation is akin to a poem about flow that defies verbalization: you cannot discern the exact moment when water solidifies into ice or the instant it liquefies once more. In the oscillation between these two states, sound takes the role of an intermediary, embodying the co-occurrence of transformation.

Pancake Ice
_By Courtney Terlecki

Technical Details
_Screenshot from Puredata

The cyclical metamorphosis from water to ice and back again symbolizes the most urgent predicament of our era — the tug-of-war between escalating global temperatures and the intrinsic equilibrium of nature. This is a piece that grants its audience the chance to listen to the relationship between ice and water, it narrates the cycle of dissolution and reformation that ice undergoes. Through this piece, I aim to cultivate a silent yet profound communication, resonating with the audience on an intimate level, linking them to the greater natural world.

Site of the installation

Studio Demonstration

《漂流唱片》是一个特定场地的声音装置,其主体与唱片播放器相似,不同的是它可以用来播放煎饼冰 —— 一种令人惊叹的自然现象:当水在流动和旋转的过程中被冻结,会形成带有凸起边缘的脆弱的圆盘状冰块。这个装置在一定程度上复现了煎饼冰在形成过程中由于微妙碰撞和旋转所产生的声音。

水总是吸引我,也许是因为它存在如此多种状态,以至于你永远难以将它理解为自然中某个固定的时刻。煎饼冰的形成过程就像一首难以用语言表达的诗:你无法辨别水何时凝固成冰,或者冰何时融化成水。在这两种状态的摇摆之中,声音起到了中介的作用,体现了转变的共时性。从水到冰再到水的循环变形,象征着我们这个时代最紧迫的困境 —— 不断升高的气温和自然固有平衡之间的拉锯战。这是一个让观众有机会聆听冰与水之间关系的作品,它叙述了冰所经历的溶解和重塑。通过这个作品,我希望达成一种安静而深沉的沟通,与观众在亲密的层面上与星球水体产生共鸣,并与更大的自然世界联系起来。

技术上,在冰岛实地录制的水声和冰声,会在整合到Puredata补丁之前进行预处理,并在实时播放的过程中根据冰的形态变化(融化)修改。一个红外传感器用于检测冰面深度的波动, 并为Puredata补丁提供数据进行动态处理。这个传感器与Arduino板接口,Arduino 板又与Raspberry Pi接口,执行处理任务并最小化空间要求。Raspberry Pi和Arduino接5V电。同时,通过Bluetooth在播放器和扬声器单元的放大器之间实现无线音频连接。

Workshop and lecture in cooperation with Andrými in Reykjavik.